Toronto Bus Co Ltd. response to COVID-19

In this time of great uncertainty, our priority is the welfare of our staff, customers, and passengers.

We would like to inform you of the efforts being implemented during these concerning times. As a trusted name in the Tour and Travel industry, TBCL has introduced additional processes to increase the sanitization of our coaches. Our disinfection procedure has been improved with the addition of hospital grade wipes (AEGIS® Microbe Shield) to sanitize all surface areas. This is not a traditional disinfectant. It’s an antimicrobial surface treatment that makes surfaces inhospitable for germs. The shield is a nanotechnology that bonds to surface creating a bed of spikes that puncture the cell wall of germs that are deposited via air or touch. The shield is registered with Health Canada as surface protection to control and prevent the growth of microbes.

In addition, our team is consistently cleaning all high contact surfaces such as.

  • handrails for entering and exiting,
  • armrests
  • window area
  • overhead parcel racks including the latches
  • Restroom door handles and restroom lavatory area
  • the driver’s area including the dashboard, steering wheel, and instrument buttons

We believe these processes, in addition to our regular daily cleaning methods, will assist in preventing exposure.

We trust that our brand and experience over the many years will provide enough reassurance and stability to weather this outbreak.